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The Ritz Holiday Spectacular III Poster

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OZ, The 80th Anniversary Tribute Concert

RCA Pier Park

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CPR Unplugged Images

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Photos ©2017 J. Lane –

Exclusive Photographs from The Ritz Holiday Spectacular

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Photos ©2017 J. Lane –

The Ritz Holiday Spectacular Poster


CamdenpopRock Poster Fall 2017

CamdenpopRock Summer 2017 Poster (Craig, Christopher & Vedra)

CamdenpopRock Spring 2017 Poster (Christopher, Anoush, Craig & Vedra)

2nd Anniversary cake decoration honoring “Hoké Aneli” (Hawaiian for José Angel), the ukulele-playing, conga pounding vocalist – a veteran Marine – who first approached Christopher with the idea of forming a grand piano/ukulele duo in February 2015. 

July/Aug/Sept/Oct/November 2016, featuring The Nipper Tower Centennial. With Vedra, Oscar, Carlos, Christopher, Norman, Anoush and Nipper

Mar/Apr/May/June 2016 featuring Norman, Vedra, Carlos, Christopher and Anoush

March 2016, with Christopher, Nipper, Vedra and Anoush

Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2016, featuring Vedra and Anoush and two grand pianos

CamdenpopRock Logo (2016)

September 2015, tip jar sign featuring Anoush as Vanna White on Wheel Of Fortune

 Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov 2015, photos by Suz Atlas, featuring Hoké Aneli, Christopher and Anoush

CPR April 2015 Poster