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Historian, artist, pianist, singer/songwriter and veteran teacher Christopher Andrew Maier channels Eldridge Reeves Johnson, an astute Camden machinist who perfected the wind-up Gramophone to deliver quality music to the world.

Johnson launched VICTOR TALKING MACHINE in 1901, soon following it up with his visionary all-in-one home entertainment unit: The Victrola.

A mere two decades later, Johnson retired as one of America’s wealthiest individuals, selling his global empire to Radio Corporation of America and paving the way for the RCA VICTOR label.

HMV (His Master’s Voice) is the British edition of Victor, formed under the expert direction of Johnson’s business partner, Alfred Clark, who as a very young man designed for Thomas Edison.

In this original multimedia one man show, Maier’s carefully prepared digital images and music videos blaze brightly across the screen, weaving a visual tapestry of historically accurate information enriched with personal anecdotes and contemporary theories supported by evidence.

Maier’s antique 1908 Victor Talking Machine Gramophone entertains you with vintage 78rpm Nipper records, from Enrico Caruso’s operatic bombast, to Paul Whiteman’s Charleston dance music and more.

The cool-down Q & A “after party” with the audience is always delightful. A host of supporting digital files stand ready to satisfy the most curious mind.

Got 3 minutes?

Christopher Andrew Maier’s original music video!



NJ Society of Pennsylvania | Sons of New Jersey

First Presbyterian Church Moorestown – First Nighters Club



Lecture Review – Christopher Andrew Maier: “Just for the Record: The Life of Eldridge Reeves Johnson”


“Thank you so much for your fascinating presentation on the history of the recording industry!  Your lively and informative narrative with slides and the delightful rap song really captivated the audience, and all were enthralled by the many artifacts and demonstration of the Victor Talking Machine. Wow, the fidelity of the sound was amazing!  I would highly recommend “Just for the Record” to any group interested in history, music, and early recording technology, or just looking for a most entertaining presentation.”
                    Patricia Mervine, President
                   Langhorne Council for the Arts


“Christopher Andrew Maier gave an entertaining and educational presentation on Eldridge Reeves Johnson, founder of the Victor Talking Machine Company to our organization.  Chris has a lively delivery style and brings history to life with his commentary and video production, complete with his lovely original music composition.  He’s a multi-talented creative artist and engaging raconteur.”

                     Bridlewild Trails Association Annual Meeting

Armistice Day 2019 at Merion Tribute House in Lower Merion Twp. PA.

It was a moving ceremony Sunday at the Merion War Tribute House to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I, the local boys who never came home, and the very building erected in their honor. Congratulations to all who organized it and participated. Video by Josh Mackley, of LMTV.

Posted by Lower Merion Township on Tuesday, 13 November 2018


“This was historical storytelling at its very best, bringing Johnson right back to Moorestown. While we may have felt like we were Off-Broadway because of the high caliber show, we were actually in another wonderful place, a block from Main Street in our beautiful library.”

                 Mary Berardi for The Historical Society of Moorestown



Maier’s one man show JUST FOR THE RECORD launched in 2016, honoring the centennial of three of Eldridge Reeves Johnson’s iconic buildings on the Camden waterfront.



Christopher’s original derby-hatted Eldridge Johnson character is even featured in a charming new children’s book Aunt Cora’s Wart, An Historical Faerie Tale: Nipper Fest!  written and illustrated by Mary Groce, available on

Postscript:  “Several years ago, my former art history student (all grown up now) learned via FB that I was composing a comedy rap with Nipper in mind, to use in my first “Victrola History & Entertainment Booth”. She immediately searched for, located, and mailed to me a favorite stuffed animal from her childhood, for safekeeping at The Victor. This playful straw pup, a mere 50 years old, began public life at our 2014 spring festival  CamdenNightGardens – CONNECT THE LOTS.  Nipper is in good hands, Carol!”

                                                Christopher Andrew Maier   2020