November Nibbles

CPR Music Invincible presented their final 3rd Thursday of 2019 with a theme centered all around Food Glorious Food and giving thanks. November Nibbles featured edible hits from the last 50 years of popular recorded music.


October Oblivion

3rd Thursday returned once more as CPR Music Invincible delivered its Halloween Special “October Oblivion”. The concert features songs about Life, Death and all things spooky!

Porchfest 2019

CPR Music Invincible were delighted to be one the acts chosen to participate in the annual Collingswood Porchfest Music Festival. CPR performed alongside a plethora of amazing music talent at this all day celebration of the arts.

Atria West 86

Atria West 86 in NYC, once again played host to CPR Music Invincible as we performed an eclectic mix of classic hits. The concert featured music made famous by artists such as Nat King Cole, Barry Mannilow, Frank Sinatra, Eartha Kitt, Lionel Richie and more.